Hair Loss
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 Aminexil  Aminexil Is sold in vials to use one per session. You'll have to use it for 42 days without guarantee of success. You can apply it by yourself and then massage your scalp for few minutes.
We do not recommend it.

 Before and After  Hair Massage Patient Aminexil practiced massage for 90 days and the duration of each session was between 30 and 60 minutes.

May seem to have an improvement but really light, hair and hair length are different.
Having used the 42 vials of Aminexil, there was no change.


According Loreal, the Aminexil is a chemical that acts rejuvenating hair follicles, allowing thicker and healthy hair growth.

Aminexil The complete treatment comes in a box with 42 containers of Aminexil (Ampoules or small bottles) and a shampoo that also contains a percentage of the chemical.

Ampoule is applied daily for six weeks, massaging the scalp for two to three minutes. Washing the hair with the provided shampoo.

In case of Alopecia (loss of hair), they ensure that two treatments a year are enough to prevent and / or stop it.

The best-known brands are: Dercos Vichy and Loreal Kerastase. Nowhere is specified exactly the response time, but there are some studies that suggest the results.

Dercos conducted over two months a study of 350 patients which showed that those treated with Aminexil had an 8% growth of new hair, less drop and a 6% increase in overall density compared with patients who used the placebo.

The study is not too favorable, since two months is very little time to say that the Aminexil was the cause of the improvements. If you do the same test using just two placebos, one group is better than the other anyway. Keep in mind that 28 of every 100 people recover the hair without any treatment.

Being considered a cosmetic, not need approval from the FDA and non prescription is needed. Noone could prove that the Aminexil is a valuable contribution to the Alopecia. It may be valid as a cosmetic and help nourish hair, obtaining a better quality, but does not seem to stop Androgenic Alopecia.

We have not received the report of any user who has had success with Aminexil. Needless to say that we do not recommend this treatment.

Important for the Treatment:


After washing and drying, distribute the contents of the ampoule to the affected areas. Then massage the scalp a few minutes, pressing with fingertips and moving in a circle. Always seeks to bring blood to the top of the head.

Do not use if:

There are no contraindications.

Side effects:

None reported.

Remember, you should never start a treatment without first consulting a professional.

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