Hair Loss
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 Bioxidil  The product is exclusively from the company Biferdil. It is available in ampoules to be used one per session. It is also suggested to use the Bioxidil Shampoo for best results. You can apply it yourself and then massage your scalp for few minutes.


The treatment consists on a lotion (in ampoules or a dropper bottle) and a shampoo. The price is affordable for most people, being much lower than the treatment with Aminexil.
Bioxidil is a registered trademark of the company Biferdil, being highly respected in the world by a wide range of quality products.

They claim in the prospectus, that Bioxidil is a high performance revitalizer that helps to stop the fall, increases the amount of hair in the anagen phase and increases its thickness. Does not refer to studies or endorsements of any kind.

Contains many trace elements, carotenoids, minerals, micronutrients, antioxidants, vitamins (C, B2, PP, E), flavonoids, and hydrolysed citopeptinas.

The product theoretically stimulates circulation to the scalp, causing hair follicles to receive the nutrients needed for a healthy hair.

The shampoo contains Silanol (a bioactive molecule highly related to the hair fibers, responsible for increasing resistance in the keratin and decreasing the fall). Also contains Provitamin B5 and extracts of some plants such as burdock, ivy and phenergan, that regulates sebum secretion, helping with the excess of grease.

Although the product compounds may have no visible results against Androgenic Alopecia. Nor have we received reports of users who have had success with Bioxidil.

It is a cosmetic product that may be able to help improve the quality of the hair, but definitely not useful for male pattern baldness. The fact that there are no studies demonstrating its effectiveness is another factor to consider before buying it. You will not get a picture of a patient who has used Bioxidil.

Important for the Treatment:


After washing and drying, distribute the contents of the vial to the affected areas. Then massage the scalp a few minutes, pressing with fingertips and moving in a circle. Always seeks to bring blood to the top of the head.

Do not use if:

There are no contraindications.

Side effects:

None reported.

Remember, you should never start a treatment without first consulting a professional..

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