Hair Loss
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 ElectroTrichoGenesis  You must attend the ETG centers between five and nine months to complete treatment. There are a total of 36 sessions of 12 minutes each. There is no evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of the treatment.

 Before and After  In the picture above seems to be an improvement, but in reality, the picture is less bright and the lack of hair is less noticeable.

ElectroTrichoGenesis (ETG)

This treatment does not work and could even damage your follicles.

The creators of this technology claim that the treatment uses electrical energy to stimulate the activity of the hair follicles. Theoretically, this action stops the fall and promotes hair growth.

The sessions are performed once or twice a week exclusively on TSG centers. In general, the treatment ends with 36 sessions that can take anywhere from five to nine months.

The results, according to the manufacturers, can be seen from the fifth week. You do not need any medication or lotion complementary and in fact they recommend to cut any other treatment at the beginning ElectroTrichoGenesis (TSG).

In the sessions, the subject sits in a striking armchair for 12 minutes. You cannot tell the difference when the machine is on or off. It is a passive treatment, where you can read a magazine or watching television.

Treatment costs a bit less than the capillary centers where people practice massage. Anyway, it is quite expensive when compared to any drug treatment.

In the U.S., to market a drug or health related treatment, they must first get approval from the FDA. The exception to this rule is when there is a cosmetic application and there is no risk to humans.

The point is that the FDA does not endorse cosmetic treatments but only to verify that there are no risks. If the treatment produces the results that the manufacturer claims or not, is another problem.

This is the case of ElectroTrichoGenesis. Its use is permitted for cosmetic purposes but no results are guarantee.
Unfortunately, we have no record of anyone who has had success with this treatment, therefore, we don’t recommend you to use it.

Important for the Treatment:


You must remove any metal element that you carry on, from the neck to the head (Rings, pendants, piercings, etc…) Take a seat and wait 12 minutes until the machine turns off.

Do not use if:

You have a pacemaker or metal implants in the skull. It has not been tested in pregnant women, so we suggest to not to try.

Side effects:

No side effects have been reported but no studies have been done on a long term.

Remember, you should never start a treatment without first consulting a professional.

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