Hair Loss
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 Hair Massage  Hair Massage can be made by yourself or in capillary centers. The response time is unknown as there is no evidence to show any efficacy.

We do not recommend this type of treatment, being costly and ineffective.

 Before and After  Patient practiced massage with Aminexil for 90 days and the duration of each session was between 30 and 60 minutes.

May seem to have an improvement but the reality is that the light and hair length are different.
Definitely no changes after 4050 minutes of massages

Hair Massage

No need to see picture to realize the pleasure that can give us a good hair massage. In fact, there is no doubt that massage in general give us an immediate sense of well being.

The question is: Do they help in some way to those who suffer from Androgenic Alopecia? Are there any studies showing the effectiveness of massage on the scalp?

Definitely not. No one has scientifically proven that massage can help hair to grow or at least stop the fall. There may be some isolated cases, but unfortunately there is no evidence to show that. Reliable therapies are those that have shown results following a pattern.

Reliable therapies are those that have shown results following a pattern. The double-blind study is the surest way to assessing whether a treatment, drug or therapy works.

The theory of capillary massage is simple: greater blood supply to nourish the follicles and healthy hair will grow. If this were true, hair implants would not work becayse they are placed just into the areas where (theoretically) there is no good irrigation. We see pictures of many people who have hair implants and definitely the hair is not falling again.

There are dozens of techniques and devices for massaging hair but none has proved to work for Androgenic Alopecia. Consider that in 28 out of 100 people with some form of Alopecia recover the hair without any drug.

A person who has -for instance- Areata Alopecia usually recovers the hair without any kind of treatment. Often stress and other diseases are the cause of hair loss. In such cases, the simple passage of time can help reverse the Alopecia.

Among the most common devices, the "Massager Helmet" is difficult to find today because the device never succeeded.

The commercials showed a man relaxing, reading a book or watching your favorite program. In fact the head is shaken too much to stare at somewhere.

Of course we do not recommend a hair and massage therapy ‘cause they are not effective. Neither capillary centers, or in your home with a helmet. We received too many reports of patients who say they have treated with massage with no success.

Important for the Treatment:


When you practice it, press with fingertips on the different areas of the scalp and move in a circle. Always seeks to bring blood to the top of the head.

Do not use if:

There are no contraindications.

Side effects:

None reported.

Remember, you should never start a treatment without first consulting a professional..

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