Hair Loss
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In this photos you can see the evolution of alopecia treatments to help combat hair loss

Users have sent the pictures published in this section of Recover Your Hair. The main purpose of this page is to show the results they've got; we do not recommend you to use these procedures. If you need more information about hair loss treatments, please take a look at this section: Hair loss treatments. Remember; do not start any treatment without asking a professional.

The quality of each picture may vary according to each user's camera. On the left you will find the previous state and on the right the final result.

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Minoxidil 5%, every 24 Hrs for 6 Months

The treatment was only Minoxidil at 5%, once a day during six months. Then, I've continued with the same lotion, but once every two days just to keep the hair I've recovered.

Minoxidil 5%, every 12 Hrs for 4 Months

I've used Minoxidil at 5%, twice a day during a period of 4 months. Then I've used it once a day.

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