Hair Loss
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 Andre Agassi  Let take a look to Andre Agassi, who seems happier now than when he use to have hair. As a good tennis player he will never hesitate to fech a ball. We can talk about his hair style anyway...

 Phil Collins  In this picture, Phil Collins is using the method: "I cover myself with my hands" to hide his Alopecia. I'm sure right now is not something that bothers him anymore...

 Sean Connery  I have no doubts that nowadays Sean take his life in another way... When he had hair his style was too serius. Women likes him even without hair on his scalp.

Psychological Impact of Alopecia

Some people take baldness as an inevitable fact in their lifes and they don't have too much problem to assume it. Others, are suffering anxiety and depresion caused by their hair loss

If the Alopecia is causing you problems, if treatments failed or you are not getting the expected result, what are you going to do if things keep getting worst? from the psychologycal point of view: How you are going to confront the situation?

Maybe is not exactly what's going on thru your head, but there are a lot of people that cannot accept the idea of being bald. Nobody like to loss the hair, specially in a world that superficiallity and aesthethic have a big importance.

Some of us feel older without hair or without enought hair... Other, accepting the facts, are not well with their apparence anymore. And in more severe cases, people even change their life style based on this problem.

Alopecia is something the nobody would like suffer. People that don't have this problem doesn't know how strong this can impact in ourselves. We have to understand that there is people that suffers this patology in such a way, that they opt to abort their social life, stay at home, and avoid contact with other people just because they do not feel confortable with their new apparence.

Most of the people do not accept publicly how important is the hair for them. Other, thinking that Alopecia is irreversible, decide to show less importance when there are moment that they would like to come back to their old apparence.

Alopecia does not recognize social strata. Famous people who have to pose in front of a camera sometimes are affected not only psychologically but even professionally. Those who works in an office with low self-esteem may feel to be different from others.

Adolescents who are still attending school or college, may feel diminished by the opposite sex or uncomfortable when they are the only bald in the group.

Nevertheless, it is socially "accepted" that a men will get bald. There are hundreds of examples where a head depopulated is even attractive. Andre Agassi suffers the same problem that we all, and he decided to shave her hair completely. It seems very happy with his image.

Phil Collins doesn't seems to be affected at all, not to mention Sean Connery, that the opposite sex considered very attractive in spite of being bald.

As we can see, many people downplay the issue and continue their lives without being affected in any way. And the best thing is that they really are not affected. Although hard to believe you, it's more an attitude rather than something else.

Now let's take the case of women. For them is a real cause of depression and in some sense, have more rights than men. Is not socially accepted that women can go bald. If you've never seen one, it is because they definitely do something about it. A treatment that works faster or to apply a wig, but you will hardly see a bald woman in the street.

Unfortunately for them, the treatments are rare. Men have many more options to fight against baldness, especially if it starts to be treated in its early stages.

Although there are cases where the Finasteride does not work, for the vast majority of men a solution is almost guaranteed if we start the proper treatment in the early years of Alopecia. Women do not have a so strong choice, they do not have a female Propecia. There are topical lotions that are running fairly well, but no treatment can be compared with the effectiveness exclusive of those for men.

Fortunately, they are less prone to alopecia and how that develops is very different from that of men. In women, hair becomes thinner and in some cases may be areas of bare scalp.

If you are a man or woman and recognize that Alopecia is affecting your life, no doubt you should consult a professional. And I'm not talking about a professional surgeon, but a psychologist who can help you improve the situation. You may want to start treatment after that or not if no longer affects you, but it is important that you continue your life normally, with or without hair.

If you take a moment and think things over, you realize who really is not as severe alopecia. It is true, can affect you aesthetically or physically, but I assure you it is much worse how you look at yourself than how others see you.

We have the ability to find defects in ourselves that others do not perceive. When we look at a mirror the first thing we do is to find that little imperfection we do not like.

Is it really so important? At the time that affects us is important. When we see the problem from one place wider, we usually accept it and laugh at ourselves.

If you have questions or want to know more people in your situation, be sure to visit the Alopecia Forum. Surely you can tell what happens to you as many of us have gone through a similar situations.

Remember, you should never start a treatment without first consulting a professional.

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